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Seed stands

one side, fixed hooks, 910 rows = 90 units

Article number: 001
Measures WHD (mm): 8519039

two sides, removable hooks for seeds or bulbs with a wheeled basket
77 rows=492=98 units

Article number: 004
Measures WHD (mm): 9023059

two sides, with hooks and wheeled baskets
68 rows=482=96 units

Article number: 007
Measures WHD (mm): 3916539


floor stand, revolving, on wheels
89 rows = 72 units

Article number: 010
Measures WHD (mm): 3916539

wall stand, with fixed hooks
65 rows = 30 units

Article number: 012
Measures WHD (mm): 507714

seed stand, two sides

Article number: 103
Measures WHD (mm): 9618558


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